The 2nd International Conference Of Water Resources Development And Environmental Protection


10 - 01 - 2015 wateresdev

This conference accommodate three main topics which discussed in water resources engineering scope. These following topics made to discuss the waters problem from the upstream to downstream, from the water well in mountain to coastal area. Intensive discussion on topics is expected to bring up new idea in solving water resources problems. The following topics in this conference are:

Environmental Engineering & Water Technology

  • Water Supply Engineering
  • Pollution Prevention & Resource Recovery
  • Sanitary Engineering

Integrated Water Systems & Governance

  • Water Management
  • Water Governance
  • Hydro informatics
  • Knowledge & Capacity Development

Water Science & Engineering

  • Land & Water Development
  • Aquatic Ecosystems
  • Hydrology & Water Resources
  • Coastal Systems, Engineering & Port Development
  • River Basin Development
  • Flood Resilience